“You Never Want a Serious Crisis to go to Waste” Update

This story is at the top of my stack of stuff for this weekend. I’ll cut to the chaste. Does anyone here think that the DMV is a top-notch operation? How about the United States Postal service? Better yet do you really think that you will ever see ANYTHING from Social Security and that the system that you have put untold thousands of your hard-earned dollars into is solvent going forward? Can you name a government program that honestly gives more back to the taxpayer than it costs? Treasury Secretary Geitner regarding the financial sector – ”President Obama’s administration needs to impose not modest repairs at the margin, but new rules of the game” The Fed Reserve apparently wants more new powers to regulate, punish and oversee the financial industry, and to intervene if it thinks it needs to. Another mishap – Postmaster General John Potter to Congress Wednesday – “We are facing losses of historic proportion,”. “Our situation is critical.” Of course it is. This nonsense is all coming from the same bunch that caused our problems of concern in our economy and recent mishaps such as AIG. More twilight zone banana-republic action from our benevolent leaders.


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