“You Never Want a Serious Crisis to go to Waste” Update

This morning the mainstream news outlets and the talking heads were collectively circling the wagons on the AIG bonus flap. Obviously the Obamanation is catching onto something. Media fury and populist anger clearly deflect more substantial issues that the Obamanation should be held to task for. For goodness sakes the bonus amount is 1/1000 of the federal taxpayer money that AIG has received and mostly now burned through and largely unaccounted for. Are we really as stupid as to think that the bonus’s are a colossal outrage yet taxpayer-funded trillions, debt-financed no-less on future generations don’t matter? The equivalent in our world would be for one of us to give an economically distressed alcoholic friend a $20 thousand cash loan with no strings attached. Lo and behold we find that this friend buys booze and smokes with some of the money. Say it isn’t so! The Obamanation is cynically latching onto this issue to divert attention. Case in point, I came across this story at the Washington Times http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/mar/18/obama-climate-plan-could-cost-2-trillion/

Whoops, it seems that the ‘cap and trade’ may cost $2 trillion and not the mere $600 billion that the Obamanation estimated recently. How are we to believe any of these numbers? And this news came out today whilst the media outlets are collectively foaming at the mouth over AIG bonuses. Anyone with 2 minutes to spare and an active mind can clearly see what the government/media complex is up to-thoughts, anyone?


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