WSYR 9 NY-23 Debate, Pataki Endorsemet: Doug Hoffman, Dede Scozafava,Bill Owens

by the Left Coast Rebel

The one and only debate beween the 3 candidates for NY-23. Hoffman did well – on target and concise. His detractors came to their responses as ‘pro-pols’ and that was quite obvious. Owens stood by Democratic talking points, (stimulus, Obamacare, etc). Dede Scozafava sounded far more conservative than she actually is. Funny, are these Daily Kos talking points? You tell me.

Coming away I have the impression of two professional career politicians going head to head with a normal guy. A normal guy that represents a modern Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Remember Hoffman is all about conservative substance, going against the hierarchy, muscle and money of both political parties. Here is part 1 of 4. Go to for the rest.

Governor Pataki endorsing Hoffman:

Pat in Shreveport has the Pataki transcript. Go to here site for the entirety. Here’s a segment that I like:

When elected to Congress Doug will work to reduce our taxes, he will stand tall against those who despise our freedoms and he will be a vigilant stalwart against those who would substitute government programs for individual initiative.

I know, Pataki is a RINO in many ways but credit is given where it is due. Remember that Reagan’s surge brought with it ideological purity where it otherwise wouldn’t have.

Pat also has a Time Mag article that precisely sums up the race:

Jeff Graham, the mayor of Watertown and a member of the Independence Party, says Hoffman is “a meek, soft-spoken guy who is mad as hell and just decided to go ahead and do this 2009 version of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. And it seems to be working.”

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