Why Yes, Joe Biden, Obama is on the way to a Failed Presidency

by the Left Coast Rebel

He’s known to take part in gaffes of epic proportions. He displays an ever-present air of aloofness and even stupidity. Perhaps if here were a blue collar kinda-guy, you might even have a beer with him.

That’s why, when I saw the headline at Memeorandum today that Vice President Joe Biden authored a PaWo piece titled, “Obama: On the way to a Failed Presidency,” I inquisitively investigated the source with less trepidation than one would expect. As a commenter at Legal Insurrection quipped, it behooved me that the ‘human gaffe machine’ had quite possibly reached an epic, epistemic closure, nearly apocalyptic gaffe-moment.


It’s a simple algorithm glitch at the computer-controlled site that screwed up the title and inserted Joe Biden’s name in lieu of the actual author. Far-left The Nation writer Katrina vanden Heuvel is credited with the Washington Post piece.

Professor Jacobson saw the same error and grabbed a screen-shot of it:


Obama is on the way to a failed presidency, as he was from day one; when a miraculous set of events took place that led to him assuming the office of the presidency then subsequently seeking to “transform” the nation to a European welfare state against the vast majority of the American people’s loudly-voiced will – as November 2 proved.

Related at Althouse: “Does Katrina vanden Heuvel have a Joe Biden sock-puppet?” (that’s pretty funny!)

Updated: Katrina vandel Heuvel sucks so bad that the vast majority of the blogger chatter over Joe Biden’s her Obama hit piece is related to the Memeorandum authorship algorithm glitch. As Instapundit would say – Heh.


  1. Bill O’Reilly is right, politically come 2012 if you are a far left zealot it’s not like you are going to chose the Republican candidate over Obama.

    Imus Guest Bill O’Reilly, Frank Rich is A pinhead for his: All the President’s Captors article. Mr Rich’s theory the President suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, the Republicans have taken him hostage.


  2. So much for bipartisanship: Obama calls GOP “hostage-takers,” Boehner a “bomb-thrower;” attacks lib critics, too.

    So the President is taking his marching orders from the NYT's Op-Eds?



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