Why would Think Progress want to repeat the despicable words of a despicable racist? Because they have a lot in common!

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

Yes, Ryan J Murdough was rejected by the Republican Party as a “despicable racist.”  Yes, Think Progress admits that there is absolutely no connection between Ryan J Murdough and the Tea Parties.  So why in the world would Think Progress want to print the despicable rants of a despicable racist?  Because they both have a lot in common.

In particular, they both think that Tea Parties are racist.  Since Ryan J Murdough and Think Progress are both machinery of hate, Think Progress made no reservations about reprinting some of Murdough’s most detestable manifestos on their homepage for the drones to read.

Congratulations Think Progress!  You’ve just become one of many “hate sites” that have published Ryan J Murdough.  

More at Gateway Pundit: Think Progress is Busted Again!


Oops! Alan Colmes also caught reprinting the hate speech of Ryan J Murdough all over his front page. Love the spin by the way Alan! In the title Ryan J Murdough is a Republican candidate and in the body of the text he is not! I love the disappearing act. The very fact that left-wing readers buy into this magic show says something of the readership’s ability to think for themselves. (Alan Colmes’ article layout below)

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Left Coast Rebel said…

Alan Colmes is a lazy blogger and regurgitates some of the worst false-memes out there….

John said…

Alan Colmes, just another lib spin meister… I miss seeing that loon on Fox news… was always fun to listen to his obvious bias…

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