Why the Dems Can’t Lose This Election

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By Grant Davies

The readers of this site are used to reading about a  variety of subjects when they visit here. And often enough the subject is politics. While over at my blog,  WhatWeThinkandWhy we don’t spend too much time on politics. At least not politics of the electoral variety. I’m sure that comes as a surprise to many who stop by there on a casual basis. It sure looks like it’s is a political site at first glace.

We bash Obama and other statists over there on a regular basis. Not because it will change anyone’s mind about them, but mostly because it’s really fun to pimp the knee-jerk Dems who think they are morally superior to everyone who isn’t a liberal.

We also pimp the GOP there regularly, which causes us to lose the respect (and possibly the readership) of those who were initially attracted to the site because they perceived us to be anti-Obama, rather than pro-freedom. Which of course is what we are. We also occasionally point out that many conservatives think they are morally superior to everyone else too. (I had to add that just to piss off a few more conservatives.)

So if we regularly piss off the liberals and the conservatives, that only leaves the libertarians in the “Not so pissed off” column. Just for the record, I’m not nearly pure enough of a libertarian to keep all those in that movement happy either. It’s a wonder that anyone reads my essays anymore. And yet, readership continues it’s steady expansion on the site.

While we have done almost nothing to encourage liberals, we have thrown some bones to the conservatives over time. (Dammit, life is just so unfair.) For instance, I have endorsed voting for Romney in certain circumstances even though it pains me intensely to do so.

Just in case you missed the posts, the circumstances are as follows: 
  • If you live in a “battleground” state, you can be forgiven, or even encouraged, to vote to dismiss Obama. His administration has been a flop. Dare I say a catastrophe? So he must be given a Presidential pink slip. Don’t feel too sorry for the mope, under his leadership millions of people have been given undeserved pink slips. He certainly deserves his.
  • It’s all about the electoral college. So if you live in a state that is even within 10 percentage points of being contested, you owe it to yourself and your offspring to throw the bums out. And that includes Obama crony Ben Bernanke who is debasing our currency as never before. If that doesn’t stop (and even if it does), your life savings might be reduced to Wiemar Republic status, maybe even before the 2016 election.
But my further advice is:

If you live in any state that is “safe” for either candidate, and you value your future freedom and money, you would be a fool to vote for anyone other than Gary Johnson. If every freedom loving Republican, Independent, and rational moderate Democrat in California and Illinois, (just as a few examples) voted for what they really want, Johnson would garner millions and millions of votes without risking the re-election of Barack Carter. 

If you don’t think that would give you better choices in the next election from both major parties, well, you’re wrong. It would move the parties in the freedom direction more than anytime in history. So I’m calling for all my friends in Illinoistan to make a real difference. And right here in California, the home of this blog, because you literally cannot have an electoral impact on our society by voting for Romney here. None.

So what the heck is the title of this post all about? It’s about the fact that Mitt Romney is a moderate Democrat. Some of you just wrote me off as a kook. It’s okay, I’m used to it. And in anycase, the facts of history support my opinion. Look back at all his positions and history over time. Also consider the following:

He is a really nice man who is competent in almost everything he does. He is a moderate on almost everything political. He is a big believer in government solutions to societal problems. He is the author of Obamacare whether Republicans want to admit it or not. Democrats know it in their heart of hearts.

He supported TARP, and the government bailouts as a consequence. He supports government intervention in almost any problem although he thinks Republicans have the best intervention schemes.

I dare say, if Romney was the Democratic nominee he would win this election in a landslide over almost anyone the Republicans could put up. BTW, regular Republicans would demonize Romney as a liberal, flip flopper and  run as hard as they could against him if he was the Dem candidate. Same positions, wrong party affiliation. Independents, who actually decide who the President will be, would vote for him in droves. They probably will anyway. 

Moderate mainstream Democrats are going to vote for him in fairly large numbers in the end anyway. But if he were their nominee they could feel good about themselves again. And nothing is more dangerous to Republicans than moderate Democrats who feel good about themselves again instead of just hating Republicans and rich people. They really don’t want to hate those folks. And they really only supported Obama because they had nowhere else to go. After all, even if they don’t actually hate Republicans, they feel superior to them and think they are stupid and uncaring. It didn’t hurt that they could feel good about being part of electing the first black President. (Well, he’s not really black, but close enough.)

Roman Catholic Democrats may very well vote for a Mormon to support their church against the onslaught of left wing crazies in their own party. And they can rightfully feel good about it. Who’d a thunk it?

So there you have it on the title of this post. Now that the people have finally wised up and figured out that Romney is a Democrat, they are switching over pretty quickly.  The polls, even though they are rigged by the left leaning pollsters, are showing the movement very clearly. And barring some unbelievably stupid misstep in the remaining debates or over last few weeks of the campaign, Romney will win. 

It’s hard for the Dems to lose when both candidates are donkeys. (I’d call them asses, but that’s just me trying to piss off Dems again.) It’s just a matter of hard left or moderate left. So even if Obama is somehow re-elected so he can put the finishing touches on his statist masterpiece of American destruction, the Dems win. (While actually losing in the end when the nightmare of Obamacare finally manifests itself and screws everyone equally.)

But if the rational libertarian former GOP Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, doesn’t get sufficient support in the election, the country itself will lose again, because next time out you will get the same crummy choices the two parties always give you. And time has just about run out on this experiment.


  1. Grant:

    You should point LCR readers to the Obama Supporter interview you showcased on your site(http://whatwethinkandwhy.blogspot.com/2012/08/obama-supporter-interviews-herself.html) just to keep things lightened up.

  2. Looks like you just did! But you're right, I should probably make a short post to highlight it. I'll have to go back and make sure it didn't already appear here. It's been a pretty popular video all across the net.


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