Who’s the “Bubble Head” Now?

by: Les Carpenter
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, after deriding Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann as two “bubble headed idiots” has recently shown himself to be — in the least — an uniformed and perhaps delusion progressive.

It seems Mr. Matthews believes the Panama Canal is in actually in Egypt. Note the one-minute twenty-second mark in the following video. Mr. Matthews, in his very own words, makes the proclamation. I guess bubble-headed-ness is something Chris know a lot about.

The Statement:

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  1. Thanks! Guess I might better fully wake before attempting to type.

  2. only if this would stop him the next time they make a gaffe

  3. "Egypt is a real country"… What is a qualifies as a real country Chis "tingle up my leg" Matthews?
    Better yet, what is a real journalist?!


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