Warren Buffett and The Limbaugh Rule

I’m racking my brain trying to remember: When was Warren Buffett was elected to speak foranyone?

While refusing to put his billions where his mouth is (with a voluntary infusion of his own money to the U.S. Treasury), Buffett has lobbied relentlessly for higher taxes for financially successful Americans, many of whom hold only a tiny fraction of the wealth that Buffett enjoys.

To the best of my knowledge, Warren Buffett has never been elected to any government position, but Obama is pushing Congress to establish Buffett’s punitive taxation scheme, a.k.a. the “Buffett Rule.”

Can you imagine what would happen if a conservative Republican president promoted this sort of legislative gratification for his or her controversial supporters?

How about a minimum tax for the 47% of Americans who pay no income tax at all. We could call that the “Limbaugh Rule.” Tax the poor! Shouldn’t everyone pay his fair share?

Speaking of paying a fair share, I find it hard to imagine that George Soros feels that he’s sending enough to Uncle Sam. Make it easy for him. Take a billion dollars a year until he says to stop. Call that the “Koch Brothers Tax.”

When that tax has been implemented, we can move on to repeal the “Eisenhower tax cut” on the movie industry. Call that the “Instapundit Rule.”

While we’re at it, lets allow all taxpayers under the age of 55 to opt out of Social Security and Medicare. COMPLETELY. You can call that the “RightKlik Fairness for the Future Initiative.”

Shameless partisan pandering — apparently it’s only okay if Dems do it.


  1. You filthy peasants! How dare you dissent against the Dear Leader's plan to equalize all of America, for indeed we are all equal and meaningful! The wealthy swine with their richie rich clothes, fancy-schmancy houses, and incredible money-stewarding principles, they need to be brought to social justice and be forced to give their hard-earned wealth to the Democrat base!

    Leader Obama is here to make sure all the poor and downtrodden and disadvantaged are given their rightful share of wealth!

    You ridiculous white GOP-loving Republican-leaning money-mongers! Know your role! We all know the truth that you are all wealthy and have acquired that wealth on the backs of minorities and the poor! You owe the lower class your money! You do not deserve to keep it!

    My voter base knows the real truth! I mean, listen to MSNBC, NPR, and all the other State-run media outlets who serve our Dear Leader's regime with blind obedience!

    Hugs and Kisses,
    President Barack H. Obama

  2. Heck, it's his ultimate goal of this evil clown to tax everyone 100% and we live on the penance they feel generous to give to us.


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