Wallet Feeling Lighter?

Stealth-taxes, hidden-taxes, pork-barrel spending, carbon-tax, retroactive-taxes, charity-tax, mortgage-interest deduction elimination tax, increased capital gain tax – am I missing anything? The new liberal majorities in all three branches of government are only just getting started and the above new and/or increased taxes are just the tip of the iceberg. At a time that most Americans are feeling pinched, these guys are taking advantage of their new power and they are taking the reins – recession be damned. Bravo to the author of this cartoon for his brevity and wit…….

Update March 26 – I neglected to list the ‘expiration’ of the 2003 Bush tax cuts,(effectively a tax-hike that no one will even see coming unless you don’t make an income). I also forgot the lift of the salary cap on SSI, thereby subjecting FICA taxes to all of income, a clear deviation from the ‘purpose’ of Social Security and Medicare that even the blessed Bill Clinton wouldn’t touch.


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