Viva la Left Coast Resistance!

Left Coast Resistance

by the Left Coast Rebel

Odie over at Woodsterman (some NSFW) just cooked up the above ‘Left Coast Resistance‘ jpeg graphic for us frustrated right of center left-coasters trapped in the socialist hell-hole (though beautiful and scenic) Once Golden State of California. So grab it and use it (go here for the high-res Flickr jpeg).

Honorary members of the Left Coast Resistance are as follows. First I point to the SLOBS (San Diego Local Order of Bloggers):

And other honorary notables stuck in the scenic-state, liberal hell-hole:Am I forgetting anyone? Viva la Revolucion!


  1. The Temple of MUT? 🙂 😉 😮

  2. Goodness, by golly – I sniped the SLOB list from your site and left you out 🙁


  3. Lipton T. Bagg as a resident of Florida, consider Texas…

  4. I've shamelessly and happily (but I hope not prematurely) added the image to my little blog. Trying to fight the good fight here in the SF Bay Area…..


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