(VIDEO) Russian Parasailing Democrat (Donkey)

by the Left Coast Rebel

No, I’m not talking about a Democrat in Russia, parasailing. I’m literally referring to a parasailing donkey set in air-motion, parasail in tow The setting was the small town of Golubitskaya, on the Sea of Azoz in Russia. A Russian ‘jackass’ move, clearly. Prize quote from the RT video below:

Witnesses report hearing the terrified animal braying as if flew over the sea for ‘hoff’ an hour

A ‘promotion’ for parasailing gone wild? Russia’s animal-rights lobby is hot on the trail:

Highlight from the animal rights girl in video:
The more we get the word out on the needs and feeling of these animals and what’s natural….donkeys are meant to be staying on land and what we did see was animal parasailing into the sky…”
Perhaps we should form a special panel at the United Nations titled ‘jackass parasailing rights’ and have the group headed by Iran, Syria and Libya.

(Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during the creation of this post and although satirical, the Left Coast Rebel is an avid animal-lover and fierce defender of harsh penalties for animal cruelty.)


  1. I wanna see them hang Hillary by her feet and haul her around for a few hours…

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