(VIDEO) (PHOTO) Travis Parmelee Tasered After Heckling at Tiger Woods During the Sawgrass, Florida Player’s Championship

by the Left Coast Rebel

Bungalow Bill just reported:

Travis Parmelee was tasered after he yelled a few things at Tiger Woods. Police told the man to calm down, and eventually sent 50,000 volts into the man to get him to calm down. You mean two cops couldn’t get this man calmed down on their own and remove him from the golf course without their taser? Let’s face it, this man would be celebrated had he been at Yankee Stadium heckling the Red Sox, but show up at a golf course and its a whole different story.
You could call this Steve Consalvi, round two. Congrats, Travis Parmelee – you are now eminently famous! A picture of Travis Parmelee post-tase, being arrested:


parmelee 2

UK’s MailOnline has more details:

A drunken American who heckled Tiger Woods at a major golf tournament was Tasered by police when he refused to stop.

Travis Parmelee yelled abuse at the shamed golfer at the second round of the Players Championship, close to the 11th hole in Sawgrass, Florida.

The 36-year-old resisted attempts to calm down and became increasingly belligerent – which led to officers zapping him with a 50,000 volt stun gun.

NY Daily News:

Travis Parmelee, 36, of Jacksonville, Fla., was charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest, officials said.

Security guards at the Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., tournament told Parmelee to stop yelling several times before calling the sheriff, who dispatched deputies to make an arrest.

Capt. Dave Messenger said officers attempted to calm Parmelee down, but he became more combative. When they tried to take Parmelee into custody, he resisted – and was Tasered once.

Messenger said Parmelee had been drinking.

Bungalow Bill calls this ‘police state’ type action, what do you think? Readers – send me a link for video of this incident, for the life of me, I could not find one.


Christopher said…

Oh calm down already.

Until I see or hear different this is called either Drunk and Disorderly or Public Intoxication and or a combination of both. Add to that resisting arrest. This is simply a matter of Law Enforcement that has been on the books for decades, not a matter of left vs. right.

Bottom line; non-story.

John said…

I disagree! This is about the state using excessive force! Jacksonville is my hometown and I an very familiar with the St. Johns county police's Iron fist tactics. And we have see this recently in Clackamas County, Oregon and Philadelphia, PA… Are these devices necessary or just convenient?

Libertarian Advocate said…

Perhaps they are a bad substitute for quality police training? Blame it all on budget shortfalls…

Christopher said…

I appreciate your view, but really, are we the public to put up with such behavior? Would you not protest to such a display? Would rather the Police shoot the drunk with a Glock?

C'mon, Police state? Lets be real here, this is a drunk outta control, period. OK, I will grant a tazer may have been excessive, but had I been the drunk I would prefer that to a billy-club hit to the head let alone a gunshot.

There are much better examples to use for this rant than this.

Lets keep it real.

John said…

Christopher… There is no excuse for public intoxication. As a dumb 19 year old I did something irresponsible. I spent the night in the klink.
The issue is how some of us see our civil liberties slowly being taken away…
Yes! Lets GET real!

Nick said…

I find it hard to believe that the police are so incompetent that they cannot remove someone who's drunk and disorderly without resorting to semi-lethal force (which, in case people are misinformed, is what tazers are). I don't have a problem with the police using tazers as an alternative to more-lethal force (eg: guns) as appropriate, but that's no excuse for endangering people's lives just because they are yelling abuse at celebrates.

Ask yourself this: would you want a babysitter to tazer your unruly child (knowing there's maybe a 1% chance of death per occurrence)? The police should be held to the same standard as you would hold the babysitter.

Trifster said…

Just like the asshole teen who ran on to the field during a phillies game my thought is act like an asshole and get taz'd first ask questions second. You don't want to be tazered? Be less stupid. These individuals fully deserved to be tazered. I know three folks who volunteered to be tazered and given the opportunity I'd like to try it too on myself. Cool technology when the (better?) alterrnative is a .45.

Bastiatarian said…

It does sound like a drunk and disorderly thing. If so, I say his choices, his consequences. He gave up the privilege of gentle treatment when he decided to be a drunken moron.

Nick: If my child were drunk and became increasingly combative, possibly endangering those around him, then yes, I would want the babysitter to taze my unruly child. (Of course, if one of my kids were acting like this Parmelee idiot, being tazed by the babysitter would be the least of his problems.)

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