VIDEO: Harry Reid Supporters Egg the Tea Party Express Bus and Threaten Andrew Breitbart

by the Left Coast Rebel

When the Left Coast Rebel was covering the Searchlight, Nevada Tea Party an email appeared in my inbox alerting activists that the Tea Party Express bus had been ‘egged on’, literally, with eggs being thrown by nasty, vicious, violent Harry Reid supporters (all 35 of them, probably all family members, heh). I scrambled and scrambled to try to find a picture of the incident. None was to be found. Something even better did surface today. Enjoy:

Also, Soloman has an additional video where Breitbart discusses what happened with law enforcement and a nice linke to a G20 riot video that clearly shows what the left is capable of. In fact, it is like something straight out of a science fiction flick. Great stuff! Discussion via. Memeorandum.

UPDATED: HotAirPundit has a shot of a Harry Reid drone holding an egg, pre-launch:


  1. I bet that footage isn't going to make CNN or any Network news.

  2. Those aren't Reid supporters, those are Tea Partiers disguised as Reid supporters in order to discredit the libtards. At least that is what will be on HuffPo next week.

  3. The left is so classy isn't it?


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