U.S. Debt Clock

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Dubai debt-default story got me interested tonight in tracking down the US debt clock that I have run across on Bloomberg, CNBC and the Glenn Beck show. For anyone in my audience that want the absolute be-jeezers scared out of them, go to this link that shows the US debt clock. I believe that it is the same US debt clock that Glenn Beck shows from time to time.

Tired of arguing with idiots that think we can afford socialism? Show them the US debt clock. Tired of Keynsian RINOs that have led us to bankruptcy in part due to their acquiescence to socialism, statism, corporatism, progressivism? Show them the US debt clock. Tired of thinking that our leaders today are selfish and destroying the health and wealth of future generations? US Debt Clock. Socialized medicine? US debt clock. Cap and trade? US debt clock. Amnesty for illegals? US debt clock. More cradle to grave entitlements? US debt clock.

An individual’s net worth is the amount of liabilities that he has subtracted from his assets. Financial literacy 101. Anyone interested in what the US debt clock shows the total national assets at? $74 trillion. The total according to the US debt clock of all unfunded liabilities? $106 trillion. Check the screenshot below and visit US debt clock.org for yourself.



Tom said…

The National Debt Clock I saw shows a little over 12 trillion dollars. 10 trillion of which was run up by 2 Republican Presidents – Reagan and Bush.
The entitlement programs will continue to be more expensive as the economic downturn (caused by Republican economic philosophy) and the baby boomers go into retirement years.
Those entitlement programs have been voted on and approved by both Republican and Democrats for 75 years, shorter for newer programs.
Sure, Social Security was FDR's plan, but which Republicans are willing to vote to cancel that program today? Which Republicans are willing to cancel Food Stamps, Medicare, Veterans benefits, and other programs, today?
Republicans are willing to orate support for these programs to get elected, but then will not tax citizens enough to pay for these programs, or present legislation to reform these programs.
Reagan and Bush were great tax cutters, and given simple Math, it's no wonder they they also ran up the greatest amount of debt.
Cut taxes, fine. Cut spending also, and take the heat from the American people when you cut programs to cut spending.
No one wants to pay higher taxes, but it's irresponsible, dangerous leadership to run the country into bankruptcy. Pandering for votes.
At least Democrats raised taxes to pay for the programs Americans want to keep. Painful, but responsible.


Tom: Your right Bush was out of control with his spending. That does not make spending on social programs like health care possible. It's time for people to start acting like grown ups and realize that we can not afford what we have let alone more.

johnpmorris said…

Actually, there's probably a beter site and called Truth In Accounting which tries to keep up with the unfunded liabilities.

They have a gadget counter you can put on your sidebar.

Of course guessing these liabilities is quite an art. How much does an open ended promise to pay for people's healthcare cost? What about open ended compasionate promises to pay for homes built on cliffs that slide downhill in heavy rains or burn down in the dry season.

Really, it's an open guess as to just what all these promises might cost.

The whole thing is only different from a Ponzi scheme in it's scale.

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