U.S. Chamber of Commerce Warns of Double Dip Recession: Tom Dononhue on CNBC

by the Left Coast Rebel

I caught the President of the US Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue on CNBC saying what needs to be said about the Democratic economic policies. In fact, (as with Gergen last night with the Brown/Coakley) debate, it was almost more interesting to me to note the combative tone of CNBC talking bobblehead, (@ left), Tyler Mathisen than the actual substance of what Tom Donohue was presenting. Here’s how it went, (my version):

DonohueWe believe that the administration and Congress are pursuing an agenda that is harmful to American businesses and the free enterprise system itself.

Talking (state-led) Bobblehead Is there anything that the government does that you can agree with? Anything? Anything?

Donohue went on to say that the US Chamber of Commerce actually did approve of some of the bailouts, TARP, etc. and that the issues at the front now, (cap and trade, health care takeover), are quite different in nature. To summarize, I would say that it is quite telling to see how a lone man and organization is treated when it defies the One and Congress when the US Chamber of Commerce is hardly a puritanical libertarian group. It is also quite telling to note just how hostile the press is towards any dissent of the Obamanation. Tyler Mathisen Bobblehead proved such with his tone – Is there anything???

The Hill has an article on the US Chamber of Commerce foretelling a possible double dip recession here. The hostility of Congress and Obama towards traditional American free enterprise also explains to me the disaster that this new President is. Americans agree.


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