Trump – A bitter but necessary pill

By Dean L

The establishment in Washington D.C. extends far beyond the White House and Congress. The establishment extends even beyond the various self-serving government bureaucracies.  It includes lobbyists, the beltway establishment media, wealthy political donors seeking crony capitalism and supposedly philanthropic foundations. It probably includes a lot of others as well.  Power and wealth has become clustered around a small number of people and institutions to the exclusion of everyone else in the country.  That’s not to say you cannot do well outside of that cabal, but the glass ceiling to real wealth and power is real, and it’s not made of glass, but rather steel.

That is not what the country was founded on and runs counter to the core American concept of liberty and justice for all.  Those who speak to that notion for your votes are being duplicitous.  They say it but they don’t really mean it. Nearly six decades of liberal policy has not lifted everyone out of poverty.  It never will.  Just like the Clinton foundation, or any crony capitalist company like G.E., government has grown to the point where it exists to serve itself – first, last and always. The elite wish to stay the elite and they will do so at your expense.

As an aside, former insider Jack Abramoff discusses the world inside Washington, including Hillary Clinton:

In the face of all of this stands Donald Trump. A loud, obnoxious, pompous, petty, foul-mouthed, blowhard who clearly has alienated women and many minority communities. Yet he stands up for correcting the ills that have become entrenched in American government and have already entrenched a national downward spiral of American exceptionalism, and will be the death knell of the American dream – not of home ownership but rather liberty and justice for all. And by that justice I mean not the equality of outcome for all, which inevitably will lead to an ersatz outcome, but equality of opportunity, that is key.

The ongoing American downward spiral is not inescapable, for now at least. Back in 1980 America escaped a malaise just as bad as today’s, simply by voting for change. Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980 led to an American roaring back to strength, prosperity and optimism. So too now, the stakes are high. Donald Trump is an imperfect vessel for the right elixir to what ails America. He is a bitter pill to swallow because of his personal shortcomings. But because of his personal strengths, including an unshakable faith in American greatness, he can deliver on much of what he promises. Much of what he promises is to get government to step aside and allow people to succeed. The government will be there to facilitate the success, not to drive it, not to offshore it, not to sell it to the highest bidder, domestic or foreign. That, while unspoken, is Hillary Clinton’s approach.

A bitter pill to swallow is not exactly the same as A Time For Choosing, but medicine doesn’t always taste good.  It’s what it does for you that matters.  America needs it’s government cleansed.  WikiLeaks has exposed the backrooms for what poison they are.  Americans need to come to terms with the fact that snake oil is all they are being offered.  The game must change.  The slate must be wiped clean.  No one is going to do it from the inside; not Hillary Clinton, not Paul Ryan,  not the hobbled Supreme Court, not the RNC. No one.  Trump has no vested interest in the status quo, and neither do Americans. A bitter pill yes, but it is a time for choosing too.  Not choosing to take your medicine when you need it, is suicide.


  1. I still think Thomas Sowell said it best: a vote for Trump is like playing Russian roulette with the future. Voting for Hillary is like holding a shotgun to your head and pulling the trigger.

  2. Holding a shotgun to your own head is a really hard thing to do; nearly impossible I'd imagine. Yet America seems to be on the verge of doing it.

    1. Not all that hard, actually, but I'd prefer not giving a primer to the suicidally prone.

      And yes, as bad as Trump might be, we know for certain how bad Hillary would be!

    2. Yes, better not to tee that one up for someone who needs help.


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