Tina Fey Mocks Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, “Sarah Palin Network” VIDEO

by the Left Coast Rebel

I find it ludicrous the level of vitriol that entertainment-press has hurled at Sarah Palin since the 2008 election. I find it even more ludicrous when I hear the defense of the Tina Fey’s of the world as ‘it’s only comedy, come on.’ It is so patently obvious to me that Tina Fey (along with 99% of entertainment media) is a frothing-at-the-mouth liberal, how can people not see this?

NEW YORK (AP) — She’s back and wearing leather.

Tina Fey reprised her impression of Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live” while hosting the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday night. It was Fey’s first performance as the former Alaska governor since her iconic impressions during the 2008 presidential campaign when Palin was the Republican vice presidential candidate.

Fey appeared as Palin in a sketch introducing a mock “Sarah Palin Network,” satirizing Palin’s entry into media. Palin recently launched the program “Real American Stories” on Fox News Channel and will soon begin production on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” an eight-part series for TLC.

Appearing as Palin in a leather jacket with an American flag pin, Fey introduced a lineup of shows like “Tea Party Wheel of Fortune” (the puzzle read “Obamar is a terrist”).
You just have to love the “Tea Party Wheel of Fortune” stint referenced above. I hadn’t even heard of that. I know that SNL has been making fun of Obama (which it hadn’t until as-of-late) but still the amount of ridicule pointed at conservatives is…..well, ludicrous:


Mutnodjmet said…

For your amusement, I humbly offer the Tea Party skit in which I portray Tina Fey:


Best line: “I always park my Jag next to a Prius”.

We took advantage of my resemblance to both women, and did this piece to address California-specific issues. Needless to say, I will keep playing Fey in skits as long as she plays Palin.

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