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Emit Magazine – Trump/Russian Derangement Edition

Let's recap:

*The last administration sold massive amounts of US uranium to Russia

*Wanted to be BFF with Putin via a cheesy "reset" button

*Rolled over and played dead when Russia invaded Crimea, despite a signed agreement for the US to defend Ukraine against invasion

*Refused to sell defensive arms to the Ukraine which would be used against Russian invaders

*Promised to be more "flexible" in our dealings with Russia after the 2012 elections, and

*When faced with "war crimes" in Syria, ceded control of the situation and allowed Russia greater influence in Syria and the Middle East

And yet, on the basis of a few unsubstantiated media stories, Trump is the one turning the White House into the Kremlin!

Update: Apparently, this idiocy was not even an original idea with Emit, but ripped off Mad Magazine (which has much more credibility!)

Time’s Person of the Year?

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Well, he has gone from obscurity to You Tube phenomenon in record time. He’s quoted by politicians of both major political parties and his name has become a verb overnight: Jonathan Gruber, Mr. Transparency is our choice for Time’s Person of the Year award.

Why Main Street Hates Time Magazine

by the Left Coast Rebel

In addition to being a quasi-marxist rag, (outdone only by Newsweek), the cover above cements my opinion of the ‘news’ periodical. I kid you not that this is an actual cover, just arrived in my mailbox. I am unfortunate enough to receive Time, being that it was gifted to me from a friend that should know better.

Do the contents even need to be discussed by me? Or should I point you to the other 1,133 reasons for my disgust.

I have a nest-egg, investments and a brother that works in the financial sector. I love capitalism and Wall Street. I love compound interest, commerce and trade; I love liberty, free and open markets and the upward mobility that they provide for those that start with nothing.

I hate the fact that the press, intelligentsia, pols and Ivory Tower Academics chastise capitalism and free markets when the ills that we face lie at the feet of an opposite: Corporatism.

Newsweek Obama – Time Magazine Obama

NEWSWEEK DEC. 1 COVERnewsweeknewsweekwhenbarrybecamebarackcoverawardsmarkpasetskyNEWSWEEK MARCH 2 COVER6a00d8341cc90353ef0111683b43df970c125195-004-5C3717E2070716_Cover.standard119622-004-919C93A3barak_newsweekBARACK_OBAMA,_Race_and_Usbarackobamanewsweekcoversmallimage3.aspximage5.aspxNEWSWEEK OBAMAS LINCOLNimage1.aspx
I just sniped this collage from bloggo-bud Track A ‘Crat’s site. The media isn’t biased! The media isn’t and never has been in the tank for the Obamanation, hiding his radicalism, painting a collage of messianicness unforeseen in US history……nah they aren’t doing that.

This is only half of the Newsweek Obama-covers that Track has up too, by the way. Go to his site to see the entire collage…….

And for those of you that say ‘that’s only Newsweek’, Track also has a collage of Time/Obama covers, in contrast to the previous president’s mention too, shall we say.

Silly you, don’t you see the press and the state are one?

Tune in tomorrow for a massive, grandiose FMJRA Linkfest post, send me your site if you want a mention tomorrow. For now, signing off……