Those Who Sow to the Wind Will Reap the Whirlwind

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This sweet vignette of liberal love and tolerance bore fruit today, as two police officers were shot by a lowlife thug from Baltimore, who set out to kill policemen, regardless of who they were or how diligently they performed their duties, simply because they had both taken the oath to ‘protect and serve’.

The two officers were stationed outside a housing project, in a predominantly African American neighborhood, that had been plagued by violent crime. To all of you semi-deranged folks who think that somehow these two “got what was coming to them”, tell me, do you think that the people in that housing project will be more safe or less safe after these two murders?

One Tweeter remarked:
“I truly don’t care that cops just got shot in head in NYC. It’ll take drastic measures to change a racist nation that murders its citizens.”
Newsflash: Policemen are citizens, too. Your indifference to the murder of these two officers is supposedly fueled by a perceived indifference to the lives of young black men. How are you any different from the people you criticize and oppose? If indifference to human life is a bad thing, how does your becoming what you say is evil make you any less evil?

I was thinking too, how, after the shooting of Gabby Giffords, some liberals started piling on Sarah Palin, for having published a map that had bullseyes on certain congressional districts, as having incited violence. How much more then, did the goose stepping crowds chanting that they wanted “dead police, now”, incite violence against these two policemen?


  1. and now we have Rebrun Al cautioning US about inflammatory rhetoric. The irony drips from his ridiculously coiffed head…..

  2. Al Sharpton warning people about inflammatory rhetoric means he's probably looking to make a move to standup comedy.


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