“These people are not conservatives, they’re not Republicans; they’re radical libertarians and I’m doggone offended by it.”

 By the Left Coast Rebel

— Senator Orrin Hatch to NPR as he fights to retain his Progressive Republican job.

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 In 2010, similar forces dispatched another long-time Beehive State glad-hander, Robert Bennett, which led to the horrors of electing Mike Lee, who along with Rand Paul, is leading the charge for lower spending in the Senate.

The Dick Armey-led group FreedomWorks has pumped $670,000 into attacks on Hatch and a bunch of other “outside money” has targeted Hatch. But before you shed a tear for “My God is Love” composer, note that he’s outspending his rivals six to one.

Libertarians need to stop going along with a feckless GOP that takes limited-government partisans for granted; they need to start ransoming their votes for candidates such as Rand Paul and Mike Lee who will actually work to deliver lower spending and less government intervention into everything under the sun.

To the extent that Hatch – who supported Medicare Part D and TARP and various other bailouts, and never met a debt-ceiling increase he didn’t like until last year – is now talking about cutting government by co-sponsoring a cut, cap, and balance law with Lee, it isn’t because he’s always been this way. It’s because he’s feeling the heat from those “radical libertarians” who are starting to tell pols to go small or go home.

BONUS: Not only is Hatch a statist Republican, he also thinks he can have it both ways.

Just how offensive does Hatch think libertarians and tea partiers are? This offensive:

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  1. He's like a crack ho threatened with having her food stamps cut and having to get a real job.

    Sure has a sense of entitlement, doesn't he?

  2. ruth bader ginsburg's good buddy


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