The Least Serious President in the History of the Republic™ and His Contribution to Our Booming Economy

On Monday, at the White House press briefing, there was a report on the nation’s economy. (Video below) When questioned about the timing of the report, after the blustering bit of boasting last Friday by The Least Serious President in the History of the Republic™, claiming responsibility for our growing economy.

“Coincidence”, they said. Well, if there is one thing Leroy Jethro Gibbs has taught us is that there are no coincidences! The report torpedoed, sent to the bottom and scattered the wreckage of any such claims. May I draw your attention to Exhibit A: Small business optimism

Note the dotted blue line. Those are the trends of small business optimism under (forgive me for uttering the name) Barack Obama. See how dramatically they all jumped after the election. Technically, the Temp Agency President can claim the recovery started “during his administration”, but it was primarily the last two months of his administration, after it was clear that the economic stranglehold B.O. represented was going away.

Next, note the trend in business investment. The dotted blue line is plummeting downward in each case, like a SCUD missile over Tel Aviv.

In each case it is a nearly 90 degree pivot upward. Like Michelle on a beeline to a taco. Note, too, that the projection was going to “zero” or negative numbers.

Next chart is “Capital goods orders”, with the dotted blue line trending down like Colin Kaepernick jersey sales at the NYC policeman’s ball.

Again, check out the dotted blue line. That was the economic trend under the Temp Agengy POTUS. Nothing to write home to mother about.

The next chart is “business conditions”. Although the trend was above the low point just prior to the election, the actual results went much higher than the trend. Speaking of “higher”, maybe The Least Serious President in the History of the Republic™ benefited from some sort of chemically induced enhancement before speaking of his contributions to the current economy?

The next is new business applications, where for once, the trend was going upward. Still, the increase after the election looks like Air Force One taking off the trending runway.

Blue collar job growth:

Growth of private, nonresidential investment, as projected by CBO:

If you’ve got twenty minutes or so, the video is below. You can count how many times the presenter, in so many words said that anyone who would state the today’s growth is in any way an “extension” of the policies or trends that went before is a gibbering, delusional lunatic…but, said in a nicer, more polite fashion.

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