Tea Party Supports Soros’ “Tax Dollars For Incumbents” Scheme?

Random dude supports the “Tax Dollars for Incumbents” scheme.

Progressives are now wrapping themselves in the Gadsden Flag, parading around with fake Tea Party support. Allow me to explain…

A pro-incumbent campaign finance bill is working its way through congress (H.R.1826). Although it’s been cleverly dressed up as “reform,” its insidious public financing rules make it a scheme that would be more accurately be described as the “Tax Dollars for Incumbents” Act or the “Federal Government Controls the Campaign” Bill. Its supporters at CNN call it the Fair Elections Now Act.

H.R. 1826 enjoys support from a broad coalition of left-wing organizations such as MoveOn.org, the SEIU, Common Cause (of which Markos Kounalakis as a governing board member), theBrennan Center for Justice (one of Alec Baldwin’s pet projects), and Fix Congress First (founded by Lawrence Lessig and Joe Trippi). These organizations are spending millions of dollars to push Congress to pass the bill.

Supporters of H.R.1826 (Public Campaign Action Fund and Common Cause) have produced an ad that creates the illusion of Tea Party support for the legislation. CNN sets up the narrative:
The Fair Elections Now Coalition, including U.S. PIRG, Democracy Matters, Public Campaign, and Public Citizen, among others, is launching ads that showcase a rare occurrence in today’s political theater: Tea Party members and Progressives, agreeing.

Citizens featured in one ad include progressives at rallies in Louisville, KY and Seattle, WA and Tea Party members interviewed at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in DC. They agree that campaign finance practices must change, stating that “Money has too much power” and “Anyone …would be in favor …knowing that their votes would begin to count.”
[emphasis added]

The video will be featured in a six-figure television ad campaign in Washington, D.C. On Sept. 23, the Committee on House Administration will take up and vote on H.R. 1826.

Here’s the video:

YouTube caption: In August, we coached interviewed conservatives and progressives about their views on the influence of money in the political process. They all agreed: it’s time for the Fair Elections Now Act. Learn more at www.fairelectionsnow.org. [Yes, I added the emphasis and the word “coached”]

The one random dude in the video who emphatically endorses the bill is unidentified, and only gosh knows what he actually stands for ― or how well he understands H.R.1826.

CNN notes that H.R.1826 has the support of 164 members of Congress, including two Republicans. The two Republicans are Walter Jones, a Republican who has received some of the lowest ACU ratings of any Republican from the South (in 2008 he received a 58), and Mike Castle, a liberal who was fired earlier this week by the GOP voters of Delaware.

H.R.1826 is a bill from the left wing’s statist fringe. To claim Tea Party support is ludicrous and nearly libelous. CNN and all the other organizations that are promoting this bill under the Tea Party banner have discredited themselves.

It’s a testament to the power of the Tea Party that progressives are fraudulently trying to glom on to the grassroots movement, but how can progressives ally themselves with a bunch of angry, aging, racist hicks?



  1. No honor equals No honor. Goerge Soros is a bloated tick on the A$$ of Humanity! He's been sucking on the Body Politic for way too long, and it's past time his influence was removed from both politicial parties.

    The Left are Machiavellians but NOT competent Machiavellians…they can't seem to adapt from Dinosaur Media to New Media (We all are mass communicatin;)

    The American people's message to the washed up hippies of the 60s and 70s "We're Movin On" take a bath get a haircut GRIN.

  2. Hopefully it won't fly. "fair" should always raise a red flag in peoples minds since it usually stands for egalitarianism. The antidote is property rights. Everyone, no matter how rich, has a right to spend their money as they like. If people don't agree or don't want to listen to rich people's adds, they can ignore them.

    Thanks for the heads-up, this is another attack on freedom of speech and attempt to silence the anti-incumbent tea party movement.

  3. They are such liars. Nothing surprises me anymore. We must stay vigilant. Thanks for posting RK.


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