Super Tuesday 2012 Results: Anything But a Mitt Romney Mandate

By the Left Coast Rebel

Super Tuesday
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Last night I watched some of the incoming Super Tuesday election numbers. It was volatile: At one point it looked like Mitt Romney was going to lose several states (which he did) as well as Ohio (which he barely squeaked by in.) Also, Virginia was too close to call, a neck-and-neck race to the finish between the only two candidates on the ballot — Mitt RomneyCare and Ron Paul. Paul didn’t win but came away from Virginia with his best percentage take yet.

The most interesting (and funny) thing for me last night was watching the talking-head pundits on Fox News twist themselves into human-like pretzels contorting away last night’s results as a “victory” for the GOP’s favorite socialist. Brit Hume, the “author” (of the GOP’s fiscal conservative betrayal) Karl Rove and a laundry list of other lesser-names were besides themselves.

They just couldn’t help themselves!

Anyway the truth is anything but; I think that Mitt RomneyCare is still not inevitable, despite what the establishment is saying today. The results from last night are…. well, mixed at best. What do you think?

The bottom line is that I’m happy since I’m hoping against all hopes for a brokered convention. More on this coming up at LCR.

Jeff Zeleny at the New York Times:

His quest to win the Republican presidential nomination has always resembled a detailed, methodical business plan. Mr. Romney, who spent much of his life fixing troubled corporations, must now decide whether steps are necessary to repair his lethargic candidacy.

Mr. Romney had hoped that a string of Super Tuesday victories in contests from Vermont to Alaska would effectively bring the Republican race to a close. 

But he found himself winning over Rick Santorum by only the slimmest of margins with almost all the votes counted in Ohio, the most coveted primary of the night, while losing other contests across the South.

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  1. I could not be happier that it's a mixed bag…none of these guys deserves to take the nomination feeling like an annointed king…they need to be humbled by the lack of faith in their convictions.

  2. I totally agree, Sarah 🙂


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