The Specter of Socialism and Vampire: Cap and Trade Dead?


by the Left Coast Rebel

A resounding ‘Yes‘ to the provocative title, according to Senator Jim Inhofe quoted in a WSJ piece by Kimberly Strassel:

So declares Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, taking a few minutes away from a Thanksgiving retreat with his family. “Ninety-five percent of the nails were in the coffin prior to this week. Now they are all in.”

If any politician might be qualified to offer last rites, it would be Mr. Inhofe. The top Republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee has spent the past decade in the thick of Washington’s climate fight. He’s seen the back of three cap-and-trade bills, rode herd on an overweening Environmental Protection Agency, and steadfastly insisted that global researchers were “cooking” the science behind man-made global warming.

This week he’s looking prescient. The more than 3,000 emails and documents from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) that have found their way to the Internet have blown the lid off the “science” of manmade global warming. CRU is a nerve center for many of those researchers who have authored the United Nations’ global warming reports and fueled the political movement to regulate carbon.

The problem right off the bat, (pun intended, indulge me), that I can see with the assumption that cap and trade is D.O.A is that the CRU scandal is so vastly ignored by the press and liberal elite. Liberal friends of mine have not even heard of it. It’s a tough premise to substantiate given that this story is hot, but only in the independent press. I highly suspect this murderous thing could morph after midnight into some other vampirious form. Just as evil and sinister, perhaps more sinister and secret. I vote for a better alternative to kill Cap and Trade:

Step 1 Look for a hole above a grave. Sometimes vampires have to dig their way out.

Step 2 Scatter salt on the floor in the vampire’s latest victim’s room. Help the vampire lead you right to his or her tomb.

Step 3 Use garlic, hawthorn branches, or a cross to trap your vampire in a corner. Protect yourself from revenge by making a cross of tar on your front door.

Step 4 Dig the vampire up on a Friday. According to the early Greeks, that’s when a vampire is weakest. Take advantage of the day when vampires can’t come out to play.

Step 5 Pound iron stakes through his coffin and straight into the ground if you catch him at rest.

Step 6 Bury his body under running water – vampires can’t stand it.

Step 7 Fire a silver bullet blessed by a priest into his heart.

Step 8 Drive an aspen, ash or white thorn stake through his heart with a single blow if you want to make a lasting impression.

Step 9 Pour boiling water, boiling oil or holy water into his grave.

Step 10 Cremate his body or make a paste from his flesh for closure. Then sit down and feast on the beast.

This 10 step list also applies to Obamacare, Congress, leadership, the academic-left, socialism and every bad idea being floated in the United States that has been discredited throughout world history and proven to cause misery, malaise and the opposite outcome of that purported. Yes?

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Graphic courtesy of the genius of Obamanati

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