Somali Pirates Hijack U.S. Bound Oil Tanker

by the Left Coast Rebel

Somali Pirates have hijacked a ship off of the coast of Africa, an area known as the ‘Horn of Africa.’ The incident is the 2nd time a giant oil tanker heading from Saudi Arabia to the United States has been hijacked. Fox News is reporting that it is a Greek owned ship named the Maran Centaurus, pictured above. It has an international cast of seadwellers and it is believed that they are in fine physical condition.UK’s Times Online weighs in:

Greece’s defence ministry said that one of its warships, deployed as part of the European Union’s anti-piracy patrol known as EU Navfor, is trailing the hijacked tanker as it heads towards the pirate havens that dot Somalia’s lawless 1,880-mile coastline.

Without a functioning government since 1991 Somalia is unable to enforce laws on land or at sea, allowing the arid Horn of Africa country to become an anarchic haven for pirates, Islamist insurgents and others.

This time last year Somali pirates were holding another super tanker, the Saudi Arabia-flagged Sirius Star, which at 318,000 tonnes was the largest captured. The Sirius Star was loaded with two million barrels of Saudi crude, roughly a quarter of all the oil produced by the kingdom in a day.

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  1. Relax, Obama will bring them to Hollywood for a show trial.

  2. In Somalia, we know where the pirates' bases are… we know where many of the pirates are… and we know where their boats are. All of these things should be vaporized by Navy pilots tomorrow- this would have a substantial deterrent effect.

    But it's not going to happen with Obambi- although last time he was not above basking in the glory of the Navy SEALS' success, when in fact they did everything themselves and against the spirit of his orders… while clueless attempts at micro-managing from the White House were far more of a hindrance than a help.

  3. Obama's folks love mixing it up with pirates. Gibbs gets to say "Aarrrrr!" and act all silly, while answering no questions. Sounds great to them!

  4. @ Nickie – And then make a movie about it too? Sean Penn as the main star? Ugh..

    @ James – Indeed, I am privy to this as well. If that is so and if Obambi were ever to grow a pair with these thugs, I sure would like to see a Youtube of the affair, vaporization and all. Wow!

    @ Opus – Doesn't it? Everything to them is a joke. Dismantling our economy, pulling a Fidel Castro/Hugo Chavez makeover.


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