Snowicanes, Healthcare summits, IPCC, and why we need some global warming

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Can you believe that the political wonks and pundits are still talking about yesterday’s health care summit? If you are me and you live in the Northeast, you’ve got nothing but snow on your mind. Google trends is chalked full of snow related searches like, “new york snow storm” and “psnh” as hundreds of thousands of people in New Hampshire are left without power as a result of the snow. In Canada, they are talking about snow. They are talking about snow in the UK. All this snow and news about snow is starting to make me think that snow might be a problem we should address.

Earlier this week the UK Guardian reported that the IPCC was forced to retract recent claims regarding global warming’s role in increasing sea levels. The news was just another blow to many IPCC claims about the devastating effects of global warming. This year alone, the IPCC has retracted their claims that:

• The Himilyan Glaciers could disappear
• Mountain Ice was receding

And that the Rain Forests would disappear

If man-made global warming exists, at some point someone needs to ask the question, “is there anything bad about global warming; that is real (thanks to the IPCC, I need to tack that on).”

As I look out at the frozen tundra outside, I can only repeat what is on the minds of millions right now. Boy could we use a little global warming. The only problem is that John Border of NY Times is assuring me that as the whole world warms climate change is going to dump more snow on my house.

If Border is right, then I’d like to invoke my leftist ideological right to collect a sin tax from all of you sitting in sunny seventy degree weather. That is until they retract their claims that snow is the result of warming.

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Left Coast Rebel said…

This is a great post – is it snowing in NY right now?

conservative generation said…

Yup! We got 8 inches. My wife's school district got 2 feet. My wife was very happy with 2 snow days.

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