Sign the Petition to Repeal the 1st Amendment: Mark Dice Shows How Close We are to Losing Our Freedom

by the Left Coast Rebel

Will Americans give up every single freedom that we have (or used to) under politically expedient/correct guises? Will Americans one day surrender liberty for security? Will Americans even jettison the 1st Amendment to the Constitution if the argument to do so is sold to them in a certain way? I’m not familiar with Mark Dice but this is certainly telling:

h/t Bungalow Bill


The Griper said…

this video is scary.

Red said…

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Sparky said…

Now that's scarier than a slasher movie!

Silverfiddle said…

I firmly believe you should pass a test in order to vote, and this is why.

american girl in italy said…

what do you want to bet all those who signed it voted for obama? LOL!
so scary!

madmath1 said…

It takes a lot to make me speechless. I can't even begin to express how disgusted and scared I am. Not to mention what little faith I have in the American voters since half of them signed. American Girl, I would wager the farm that all that signed voted for Obama (perhaps this is why).

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