Sieg Heil Jetta, Californian Exposed, Near Death Furry Escape

by the Left Coast Rebel

My wife’s car, (adopted into my family a little over a year ago), is slowly and ubiquitously transmorphatizing into a giant, cash-syphoning-oozing-bleeding-festering…..Zitrone.

German for lemon, in case you didn’t know.

And of lemons and Germans, did you know the history of the company that produced my wife’s Jetta-lemon? Now the title makes sense. Needless to say I dropped the Volkswagen zitrone off @ the dealer this morning. The good news – it’s not the transmission. The bad news – it’s another “sensor”….. 2nd in 2 months. Tab for Mr. dealer? $350.00. Of course.

Again, the good news – they could work on the car immediately. The bad news – it would take all day. The good news/bad news? I would have to jog home, a 4 mile trek. Good for heart, bad for pain of age. Knowing this fact and what I must do, I started on my trek, taking the camera along, just for you…..

The other side of the tracks, as it were; trains coming and going close to home. If only the Lemon might meet it’s demise here. If only it were so…….
Half-point of my trek. The Encina Power Plant in the background distance. Nature and science not colliding; rather in harmony to produce a clean source of energy. Hydropower. Enviro-fascist thought puts 2 daily pounds of accentuated smelt above the need for clean power…. mmm, accentuated smelt….

Coming home, aghast at the sight – my condo-abode-door open! Panic…..the doom of escape of our furry little co-dweller…..Could it be possible? Synapse snap!……A race through thought of possible and quick action………

Alas there she was, a Yawn of Life’s Greatest Concern: Comfort, sparrow-watching, sun-basking. If only life were so simple for others of the 2-leg variety. Thank you Kitty for not running and risking; my life from my wife, in the least…….


  1. Hey lucky for you! If my hubby had done that, which he has, and the poor little fluffy dear escaped…."off with his head".

    A, just a little plug here as I am surprised not to see more of this in the news, wait that is an oxymoron. I should know better.

    World Net Daily has an article, which hubby sent to me, about a skin cream company that actually states it gets the special protein for its concoction from….aborted babies.

    Turns my stomach, but I knew of this a long time ago. Maybe you can check out the link and see if it is something you want to sound off on, or not. It is more moral than political…..
    always check the door!

  2. pssst, in my haste I forgot to say the link to the story is on my blog.

  3. @ Unclogged – I'll check that out. Is it possible? My stomach turns as I say 'yes'.

  4. Reminds me of my days of non stop trips to the BMW dealer to fix microchip sized motors at 300 bucks a pop.

  5. @ Red – Yes, she is such a little doll, LOL.

    @ Hack – Yup, and that is why I never owned a BMW. I am getting close to getting rid of this car!

  6. What a beautiful cat! I'd love to pet her and scratch her belly!


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