Shameless Democrats using feigned fear of threats as fundraising tool

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For full effect, article is best read while listening to MIA – Paper Planes

The Politico reports that OFA is looking to capitalize on all of the “threats” that Democrats are reporting. I thought that the Democrats were afraid? Why then are they out trying to make money off of it? Mitch Stewart writes in an email sent out by OFA:

A conservative blogger posted the home address of Congressman Tom Perriello, urging tea partiers to “drop by.” Other members have had death threats. Democratic offices have been vandalized.

Please chip in $5 or more to defend health reform — and those in Congress who fought to make it possible.

Yes my leftist friends, the truth comes out sooner or later. All this talk about a violent rightwing fringe is just your elitist democrat leaders pedaling political opium to get you to open your wallet. They are marketing themselves as victims and in your obtuse ideology it means money in the bank. I wonder how many of your foolish ranks will fall for it?

If you need more proof that your dear leaders are stringing you along, the Seattle Times is reporting that a rock was thrown through Congressman Driehaus’ Cincinnati office on Sunday. What’s the catch? His office is on the 30th floor of a skyscraper. (H/T Instapundit)

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  1. If this generates any campaign donations from any of the hung over Obama Kool Aide Drinkers…all I have to say is, A Fool & His Money Are Soon Parted.

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