Scott Brown, Ayla Brown to Play Baskteball with Obama for Haiti?

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by the Left Coast Rebel

An Obama/Scott Brown/Ayla Brown basketball match. It’s a strange thought but could it happen? Who might win such a match? The proceeds would go to a Haiti charity, you know. Forgive me as well, why am I reading that the basketball match would be Scott Brown and Ayla Brown vs. Obama? No, wait, my error – it would be a 2 on 2 match, ostensibly Obama would pick a partner. Just who would that be, possibly? TOTUS? Gibbs? Axelrod? How about David Plouffe?

Frankly an Obama, Scott Brown/Ayla Brown basketball match seems to be quite ludicrous. One essential reason being that which many other bloggers picked up as well on tonight. How can a man that is perceived as a Messiah figure by his handlers and cronies handle the perception of a public defeat of a game of basketball? I mean, after all, Obama/Congress can make multi trillion dollar debt increases that simply are whisked out of thin air onto the future generation’s liability side of the national balance sheet. The national dismantling of our way of life and coercion of the public during a time of national distress is known. Even after losing the Olympics for Chicago plus the spectacle of Copenhagen, the Savior is intact.

But losing a nationally-televised Scott Brown/Obama basketball game? I don’t think it will happen at the risk of the sanctity of the manufactured image.

Then again, when a majority of Americans in a CNN poll (yes, CNN) believes that He shouldn’t be reelected, anything can happen. Perhaps Scott Brown can prove that twice.


Silverfiddle said…

I agree. Can't let the messiah be seen as a mere mortal, especially getting his butt kicked by a girl…

fuzzys dad said…

Obama wants ACORN refs

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