Saturday Link-Fest Roundup – Left Coast Rebel News

by the Left Coast Rebel

This week was huge for the Left Coast Rebel. Thanks to Cliff over at Another Black Conservative and some very timely article/topic placement, LCR had unique visitors in the thousands,(I smashed previous records),…..a hefty feat for my humble site. Also, I collaboratively corresponded with a big-shot Fox producer in NYC, (although it was a dead-end), I was carried in the Atlanta Journal and along with Cliff, was a major feature at the top of the aggregate news site Memeorandum. We both practically broke the Letterman thing along with Palin’s book cover and the Olympic ego-Obamanation smackdown. Blogging and pushing content for more eyeballs is tough work. I couldn’t have done it without my friend, thanks, Cliff!

Today I will point you to stuff that caught my eye during the week but I couldn’t get to. Starting off, recently KOOK over at KOOK’s Manifesto did a four-post series at his site based on American exceptionalism, it was done quite well and although I haven’t mentioned them, I wanted to draw your attention to this series this weekend. Read them all and join the site……

Stacy McCain over at The Other McCain pulled off his trip to Kentucky, on foot and by car to investigate the murder of the Census worker in the state. Needless to say, Stacie’s gallant effort brought him to a myriad of details, interesting characters and breaking tibbits about the story. Frankly, the entire series was the best blogging that I have seen; part investigative journalism, part on the road blogging and part traditional reporting. Stay posted for his upcoming American Spectator stuff – Props to the boys…….

UPDATE : Stacy just sent me a note for an update to the KY Census killing. Memeorandum thread here, Stacie’s new piece here.

James at Reaganite brought to the front this week several great posts. First he points readers to the first and foremost self-serving-ness of the Obamanation. The fact that Wall Street execs are surprised by the radicalness of BO. Boo. Recall the incessant cries of the leftwing, citing Volcker, Geithner et. al as showcasing the moderation of the Obamanation? Well according to James, they reluctantly admit that they are rarely consulted. Now that is news…..or should it be? Drop by to see the other top-shelf stuff he put up this week.

Feast your eyes on all of the new goodies this week courtesy of Wes over at The Humble Libertarian. The big news for me being that Wes’s 100-list of libertarian sites got picked up by Cato and dropped him 2 thousand uniques in one day. He has some great analysis of the red-lighting of the Empire State Building and the Olympics fiasco among other stuff.

New friend of the Left Coast Rebel and recent addition to the ‘roll here is Weasel Zippers. Having not visited his site, Mr. Weasel kept popping up next to me on Memeorandum so I decided to check him out. Great content, I thought. Snarky. Colorful. Spot-on analysis. Rated ‘R’, mind you. Check out his piece today as well on the New York Times ‘scrubbing’ of the Olympics disaster. You won’t believe what you are reading….

Tune in tomorrow for a ‘best of new small blogs’ post, have a great weekend…….


  1. We at KOOK's can't thank you enough for all the support you have given us. Since you have been reposting our stuff our readership has grown more than we ever imagined possible. That is a huge motivator to do better work to live up to the quality your readers expect. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Thanks a ton LCR, I appreciate this so much. But…now what am I going to do…I gotta do another good post now.

  3. @ Andrew – We're all in this together, you are quite welcome!

    @ KOOK – A blessing and a curse, now you have to keep churning out the A+++ material….

  4. One of the many advantages of the collaborating between KOOK and I is that we both motivate each other and are better able to keep a continuous stream of new material coming. During times when Kook is working on a major post like the recent "American exceptionalism", I try do do posts that complement and support while at the same time not getting in the way of his post. Kook has done the same for me many times. This has worked very well for us, as we know like when I need a break, or Kook is busy with work, the blog won't be devoid of new material. On this subject, the biggest advantage the liberal blogs like the kos, huffpo and moveon have on us is organization. We have them beat on ideas, intelligence and writing ability. We also have a group of friends from all parts of the country giving us the ability to share local perspectives with each other.


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