Sarah Palin Should Run for Republican National Committee Chair

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

At long last it appeared – at least for a brief moment in time – that Sarah Palin might find in the RNC a perfect fit in the rough-and-tumble arena of the political universe.
In this position Sarah could – perhaps better than anyone – galvanize the “blue blood conservatives” and a new generation of Tea Party supporter/enthusiasts into a force to be reckoned with.

Here is what Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips had to say:
“In order for the tea party, conservative movement to be successful, we have to have someone conservative running the GOP,” Phillips told POLITICO. “She is the perfect candidate. If she does not try, I am afraid we will end up with just another establishment flunky running the party and the [Republicans in name] will control the party again.”

“She has a track record of cutting wasteful spending, which has occurred under the watch of Michael Steele,” he added. “Finally, she is simply a rock star. She can raise money like no one else out there that I can think of.”

In his letter to Palin, Phillips pleaded, “We need you as [chairwoman] of the RNC. You have shown in the past no hesitation to take on the establishment. … If we end up with establishment control of the GOP and their support for an establishment candidate in 2012, Obama and the socialists will have won.”
But alas such is not to be. Sarah Palin in her response to what I consider a rational and indeed brilliant consideration refused to take the bait. Here is what the LOGMTSQ {Lady of Great Media Talent and Star Quality} had to say in response:
“I respect the desire to have someone in charge of the RNC who understands the wishes of the conservative grassroots and understands that power resides with the people and not the vested interests in DC. However, the primary role of the RNC chair seems be that of fundraiser-in-chief, and there are others who would probably be much more comfortable asking people for money than I would be, and they would definitely enjoy it more.”
So it looks like the faithful will need to wait for another day to when Sarah will declare her full intentions for 2012. Or, did that just happen?

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John said…

I agree!

Hoping the Blind Will See said…

I hadn't thought of it, but it just might be the perfect fit! I think it would be awesome!!

ck said…

Bleech, horrible idea. What next? Babe Ruth as a bat boy? We only have person in the party that comments unambiguously on every subject and stands behind what she says. It would be a good way to get Sarah out of the way so the MSM could pick us another spinless dweeb. Newt playin' kissyface with Pelosi in Algores church or perhaps the nannystate Huckster? No thanks.

Shane Atwell said…

Or she could have said that Judson is a tool of social conservatism and doesn't deserve to be associated with his organizations name.

fuzzys dad said…

Good idea

Andrew33 said…

I've been saying the same thing since the scandal broke about Michael Steele, fetish clubs, RNC credit cards and white snortable powder. I'm glad others are now seeing that Palin is the perfect person to hold the office of RNC Chair which is really being a glorified fundraiser/cheerleader (where ideology is concerned.) It is the job of the RNC and DNC heads to sell their ideology to the American people and win the debate with the other side. I am in no way being demeaning with the cheerleader reference, but what she is doing now, just as what she did for the midterms WAS Michael (leather*n*) Steele's job

Nick Rowe said…

Great idea, but will she take the job?

Somewhere deep in her psyche she still thinks she's fit for national elective office – a delusion that will cost her and the party greatly.

She'd make a fine Secretary of Energy, that is, if we keep the Department of Energy.

vain said…

I would think that it would be far easier for the leftists – and some on the right – to have a whole heap of embarassing things happen suddenly if Palin was the chair. She clearly backs Steele and he will remian chair – well that's my opinion anyway

rosewood59 said…

NO! Mrs. Palin is far more valuable than being tied, part and parcel, to the Republican Party. We need her to be unfrettered to continue working toward establishing real American goals during this dark period of our country's life.

I definitely do not trust Democrates, but I hardly trust Republicans.

Let Sarah be free to continue shaking up the status-quo.

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