Ruthless: Cross Barrett Brown and he’ll come after your friends

By Sam Foster

I took a big risk the other day roasting Barrett Brown for his Project PM video. My magnum opus on Brown was well received by the critics or so I thought. While I’ve escaped with both acclaim and web traffic. It appears that Tim Daniel is to feel Barret Brown’s wrath.

Today, Barrett Brown left a cleverly veiled threat against this blog’s editor-in-chief.

At any rate, kindly tell your friend Tim that, in collateral punishment for allowing this transgression, he will not be receiving any more amusing-yet-obscure YouTube videos from me for a period of three (3) weeks.

Now you begin to feel my true power.

To the untrained observer, Brown’s comments look like some form of temporary suspension. A slap on the wrist. But, that’s just because you don’t know the context.

Unbeknownst to many, Barrett Brown is some sort of purveyor of emails containing random and “colorful” videos. Perhaps it’s standard operating procedure for progressive bloggers to send such things to conservative bloggers. Tim calls them “amusing.” However, I’d liken them to sending your mortal enemy a dead fish or waking up next to a severed horse head.

Now, with context in hand we see that the true nature of Brown’s intimidation tactic lies not in the forbearance of said “amusing-yet-obscure” videos, but that he intends to send more and in only three weeks.

With knowledge of the fact that Brown is the kind of guy who comes after your friends, I’ve asked my mother to give me a daily status on her Vanity Fair subscription. One can’t be too sure about such things and this guy has connections.


  1. Hahahaha… Wow, now you're deep in the doodoo…

  2. @Barrett
    I frankly do feel you went too far this time.


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