Ron Paul On Michael Moore and Health Care

by the Left Coast Rebel

Why are these things so hard to understand today? Why are Paul’s ideas on the free market nearly unheard of?

Amazing how Larry King makes the same, tired, typical assertion of, “you believe in free markets therefore you want people to die on the streets,” blah, blah, blah. On this and also where I grabbed this video Lew Rockwell writes:

He doesn’t understand that if he and millions of others are concerned about the less fortunate, it would be much more efficient for himself and those others to start their own voluntary charitable services rather than leaving it up to the inefficient forced monopoly of government to perform those services. He also believes the lie (which I did too) that there’s a difference when a group of people calling themselves ‘the government’ forcibly takes money from you (through taxation) than when an individual (i.e., a robber) forcibly takes money from you.

Which is, of course; exactly right.
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Also read Lew Rockwell


Just a conservative girl said…

Please spread the word, Michele Bachman is calling as many people that can make it to DC on Thursday as possible.


Conservative Blog-unclogged said…

Look at the education system. A quick browse through the average "Dept. Of Education's" anointed, ordained and approved fine literature should clear up the confusion real quick.

I came from the liberal Mecca Of OREGON.

When I graduated High school way back in 1991, I knew more about water conservation, recycling, the spotted owl and how to be politically correct….

history, economics, critical thinking? Those are not allowed

My peers are still pretty much spewing the same mantra shoved down our throats nearly 20 years ago….

Chris W said…

Moore and King are playing checkers while Ron Paul is playing chess.

And could Moore get any fatter? Is he on the 'Super Size Me' diet or something?

Mo said…

The more I hear Ron Paul say, the better I like him.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Consgirl – What is the even? I wish I lived close, I would love to see Bachmann!

@ Unclogged – I know precisely what you mean. It's gotten a LOT worse than then too BTW and it's not just Oregon.

@ Chris W – Note the hostility King has for the notion of a free market. It's either a or b. The rich prosper and the poor suffer.

Tom said…

Before the 1930's all we had were well meaning voluntary charities. The need was so overwhelming their ability to help, that poverty, illness, early death, etc., was normal in our society.
A majority (there were votes on these social programs) of Americans agreed with these social programs and knew they would have to pay higher taxes to support those programs.
If by force you mean a majority of elected representatives voted for taxes that you apparently disagree with, then I disagree with your definition of forced taxation.
It's just a part of being an American, living with laws and taxes you disagree with, but were voted in by a majority, like wars, regulation, and other consequences of majority vote.

Just a conservative girl said…

It is kind of like a tea party. She is holding a press conference at noon on Thursday. She then is going to take us around to visit offices of blue dogs and people who are leaning against voting yea.

It should be fun. North Carolina 9/12 has already gotten buses together to drive people up here. We may be able to get some people from the NY area as well. They can get down here for the day.

If you could do a post about it, that would be great. Maybe some of your readers are close enough to show up.

CJ said…

It makes me so angry. King says, So no one should help you if you're poor and need help? Of course we have an obligation to help the needy, through private charity and gov't. That is NOT the same thing as saying we must support this particular overhaul. Someone should help you, and that someone is not this overhaul bill.

I think Paul overstates the impact of malpractice insurance and loose monetary policy.

But I love the tenor of what he is saying. Healthcare is not a right. It is a responsibility that we find a way to get everyone healthcare, IMHO, but it's not a right like the freedom to peacefully assemble or freedom from unlawful searches.

I love his criticism of any special privileges for corporations.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ CJ – King's comment and tone makes me angry. So many simply DO NOT GET IT. You are correct here, the only way I disagree is in the assertion that the gov't is effective in helping the needy.

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