Rogue Wave Hits Mediterranean Cruise Ship: Will Al Gore Blame the Cruise Ship Accident on Global Warming?


by the Left Coast Rebel

Eyewitness accounts paint a picture of destruction and sheer panic. A passenger describes it as a ‘terrifying’ ordeal, I can imagine as much. To think, a 26 foot ‘rogue’ wave (actually 3 of them by accounts) in the peaceful Mediterranean, coming out of the middle of nowhere crashing into the 2000 passenger Louis Majesty. 14 passengers were injured and two were killed. Passenger cabins were flooded, windows broken, can you imagine the havoc that must have ensued? Perhaps there is more to the story – a natural cause if you will. A natural cause, caused by mankind’s footprint.

The truth lies in the climate. I think that these massive rogue waves are another symptom of Anthropogenic Global warming. Think about it, if our nation can experience the most snow and blizzards in history, if foggy days in San Francisco (that aren’t), if Himalayan glaciers are melting (though they’re not), if everything under the baking, global warming ozone-depleted sun (literally) can be blamed on global warming then why not the fate of the Louis Majesty at the hand of rogue waves?

Al Gore, where are you! There is money to be made here – Mother Earth needs you!

Too bad the public isn’t listening.


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