Robert Gibbs – So Stupid that He Has to Read the ‘Pop up Guide’ to the Galaxy/ Star Wars!


by the Left Coast Rebel

At least that’s what the vile leftist nutroots would say if Robert Gibbs were a conservative/libertarian water-carrier. Star Wars Pop-up Guide? Hah! It matters not that the Star Wars Pop-up Guide book is a gift for his son (or so I read). If the memeshoe doesn’t fit, you simply make sure it does by repeating a lie over and over! Anyone up for a caption contest?

Frankly, I can see the Obamanation waxing fondly over the ‘Imperialists’ (Democrat-socialists) and holding nothing but scorn for the ‘Rebellion’ (true conservatives, libertarians, independents, 60% of the nation that didn’t want the health care takeover). Yes, Star Wars is the Democrat-socialist subversion of the United States. Think about it, you have the Debt Star that threatens to crush all free planets (societies, states, businesses and future generations) within distance:


And you have a Fearless Leader (emperor) that smites down every productive industry, taxpaying citizen in sight and even supersedes the Constitution (in his mind) all from the Oval Office (or lawn). And he even lectures Middle Eastern leaders on ‘corruption’!:


And an idiotic bunch of collegial-leftists that parade around as if they know better than the entire nation. By-golly you are going to take our statism/fascism/marxism! Eventually you are going to like it too! As Rome burns, Tweedle-Dee-Darth:


But. At least the Star Wars Pop-up book does actually look really cool:

star wars pop up 2

darth vader pop up

But like Obama’s ‘transparency’, it’s simply just a:


America made a disastrous mistake and this White House is run by radical leftist ideologues that will never listen to the Will of the People:


May the force be with us (and save America).


  1. Great article and great pics. If I didn't laugh I would be crying!

  2. He doesn't read the "Star Wars pop-up guide" he just looks at the pictures… Judging by what I've heard him say, he lives in a fantasy world.

  3. All fines related to the individual health insurance mandate will now be collected by Boba Fett…


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