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3 Reasons For a Republican Convention Coup

I don’t want to rehash all the reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to be president. Been there, done that. No, the man is certainly qualified to be president…he’s over 35 and presumed to be a native born US citizen, or possibly a robot from the Future, rejected by Skynet’s QC, (just like Hillary).

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You sure you don’t find this just a little bit creepy?

So I want to give you three of my personal reasons, aside from the Donald’s suitability or lack thereof, for rooting for a coup at the convention. Remember, these are my reasons, (your mileage may vary).

Number one:  It could provide a candidate that I could affirmatively vote for, instead of being faced with the prospect of casting essentially a negative vote against Hillary. Most of the arguments I hear to vote for Trump, are couched in terms of preventing Hillary from becoming president. Affirmative beats negative, IMHO.

Two: I think it would be highly instructive to see if all the strident, self righteous, condescending voices telling me I have to compromise my principles and vote for Trump, whatever I might think of him, would immediately fall in line behind a candidate OTT (other than Trump), disregarding their own principles and any hurt feelings they might have, because “anything else is a vote for Hillary”?
Knowing Trump’s own slash and burn rhetoric, I will not necessarily hold my breath for this option.

Three: If all the ardent Trump supporters, who were certain he would win on his own, possibly without even support from Republicans, whose vote Trump is reluctant to court, (and despite my belief that Hillary will smoke Trump like a ham*), join with the #NeverTrumpers and the conservatives on the fence, to defeat Hillary, they would do so with an even larger margin, right? Plus, all of the down ticket races, where candidates currently feel the need to distance themselves from Trump, would benefit from an OTT candidate, perhaps further cementing the Republican retention of the House and Senate?

I’m not making any predictions here. These are merely my reasons. And, maybe pigs will fly…

*H/T Chris Stirewalt