Reason.tv – What We Saw At The “Restoring Sanity” Rally

by the Left Coast Rebel

If you can’t watch the entire Reason.tv video fast forward and check out the liberal mind on economics, and that frankly of Obama and the Paul Krugman’s of the world, summarized at 5:25 in the video:

Incredible stuff. I like what this commenter at Youtube has to say on the video:

Sheep…. Baaaa… Baaaa… When I was in college we had the same problem….. the leftist kids listened to what ever their HS and college mentors told them…never questioning….. they are the people you saw wearing the “Che” tee shirts…. and carrying “Chairman Mao”‘s Little Red Book….. nothing has changed….. If you tried to have an intelligent conversation with these kinds of followers …. they called you names……..Baaaaa, Baaaaa.
That about sums it up, there is one of these types sitting in the White House too, biting his nails, chain-smoking and playing some b-ball before tomorrow’s historic election.

I can only imagine just how unhinged Dear Leader will be after tomorrow.


John said…

When I'm in debt, the best solution is to create more debt! what a moronic concept!
So when I have a problem… let's see… I must first make it a really big problem… Then It is much easier to fix. Is that the Govt model? Are these two kids the future of congress?

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