Economist Don Boudreaux; Channeling Self-Interest for Good?

By the Left Coast Rebel

Economist Don Boudreaux offers today’s free-market lesson in freedom and self-interest:

I learned about Adam Smith’s theory of an Invisible Hand (Smith’s term for self-interest or “selfishness” that guides the myriad, almost uncountable fluid forces in a vibrant free-market system) years ago in an economics class.

Ayn Rand also enlightened me as to the concept of rational self-interest.

Unfortunately such enlightened concepts are nearly forgotten today.

It’s up to us to educate our fellow man.

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  1. Really? Really? Fannie and Freddie? This has been so thoroughly debunked that I have no doubt Boudreaux is intentionally deceptive.

    Joe Nocera wrote a column about it called 'The Big Lie'
    1. Really? Really? Really? Yes, really, really, really.

      Are you telling us that Fannie and Freddie had nothing to do with the housing crisis? That seems to be what Nocera is saying. An assertion that stupid is only fit to be printed in the New York Times…
  2. "…had nothing to do…"

    Fallacy of the excluded middle, LCR. Thanks for playing.
    1. No, thank you for playing. If you really wanted to debate (and I would oblige), you wouldn't hide behind an Anon moniker.
  3. Joe's on the Daily Show today. And you are not.

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