Ralph Nader’s New “Practical Utopia” Book – “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”

by the Left Coast Rebel

Years back I had a few friends that loved, adored, fawned over Ralph Nader, the media-anointed consumer activist. Fine, I thought, not knowing better, wasn’t he the guy that heralded in safer car designs, mandatory seat belts in US car manufacturing? It wasn’t until a few years later, while reading an unrelated book that I became privy to the radicalism hiding behind Nader’s populist pleas.

Today I am reading a book-review at the Wall Street JournalOne Man’s Utopia. The theme being Nader’s new novel “Only the Super Rich Can Save Us” Reading the details of this thing, it reminds me of a Team America sequel, sans the fact that it is not meant to be humorous.

Here are some fictional fantasies taken from the pages, Nader’s Team America delusional ravings –

  • Investor Warren Buffett, in response to the tragic injustice of Hurricane Katrina comes up with a plan ……. He brings together Ted Turner, Barry Diller, Ross Perot and George Soros,Bill Cosby, Yoko Ono and Warren Beatty,(Beatty becomes CA governor at the end too).

  • The Team America bunch devise a plan to save American civilization by increasing regulation, raising taxes and punishing heartless multinational corporations, (how brilliant!).

  • Ted Turner and Phil Donahue need a spokesman, a persona for the group’s efforts…..they find one; it’s a parrot, (I kid you not), that shows up on t.v. in 15 second intervals……Patriotic Polly is his name.

And I will stop there. Read the rest of the WSJ book-review here.

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AdamS said…

Oh yeah, trust Ted Turner, who said the world needs a global one child policy. A real man of the people, he is!

blackandgoldfan said…

Soros…just who we want to save the world…NOT!!! Nader seems to have moved into the barking moonbat category.

Wahrheit said…

I find it hard to believe this is not a spoof, a big in-joke, a prank; but no, it's real and it's hilarious! Yes, the Team America guys need to do the movie.

LandShark 5150 said…

Haaans – you breaking my brawas here. Reb ya beat me to it. Watched this movie yesterday -again- and was putting a piece together on Hoolyweird.

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