Rachel Uchitel Photos, Pics: Google Bomb of the Day

by the Left Coast Rebel

The Other McCain has the Google bomb of the day. Again, as was the case with yesterday’s slow news day it involves the Tiger Woods story. Today however we turn to the floozy of his rumored affair, Rachel Uchitel.

The grass is always greener?

How could that even be possible being married to a Swedish-beauty-class act, Elin Nordegren? If the rumor is true, it simply just proves the corruptive, corrosive effect of fame + fortune. Look no further than ‘John and Kate + 8’ on this theme. Right?

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' alleged mistress, gets in a taxi.

Now here it is. Obviously Rachel Uchitel is an attractive lady, right? But is she beautifully, stunningly gourgeous like Tiger Woods wife Elin Nordegren? Not so much.

You see, because Elin Nordegren is beautiful and she has that girl next door look as well. Just my honest opinion.

Click here for more Rachel Uchitel photos…….


jan said…

The cheater cheated on them all. Did he cheat at golf?

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