Queen Pelosi and her Gulf Stream V

This is an incredible story and documents precisely that which the media anointed Democrat Ruling Class does not want the public to know – that they are corrupt on an unequaled basis, hypocritical in their assertions to be above the fray of ‘greedy wall street’ corporations and Republicans, and shockingly oblivious to the plight of hard – working, tax – paying Americans. To say the least, Nancy Pelosi is the Queen Bee of this kind of politician today. She is a true-blue, dyed-in-the wool San Francisco Bay Area Liberal (that was a mouthful), and the 3rd most powerful person in America.

Democrats – this is your leader, are you happy? America – do you approve of this person and her twisted value system? Middle America – do you think that Bay Area Leftists should control our country? After all, she is the Obamanation’s right – hand lady – she controls the agenda, purse strings, and debate in the House of Representatives.

On to the story. Recently the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information request in order to uncover facts about her use, (read abuse), of taxpayer – funded jet charters as a supposed personal airline service. This service provided by the Feds started after the September 11th attacks for then Speaker Dennis Hastert who used a 12-seat Air Force jet. Apparently the new Fed rules since 9-11 are to provide a ”reasonable level of military transport”.

The jet the Queen has upgraded to is a Gulfstream V, a 19 seater and quite a step above the previous Speaker’s. Her office has claimed it’s necessity due to the fact that the V doesn’t need to refuel to get to San Francisco!?!? God forbid that one of our Anointed Ones would have to refuel as us peasants would have to. Do peasants even have jets?

Ms. Pelosi seems to be obviously running with the ball on this job perk. Accordingly she often cancels and changes military flights at the last minute, has flown around the world to social gatherings and treats the military personnel that cater to her like garbage. When Pelosi’s office was recently questioned by Fox’s O’Reilly team as to how many social trips she has made on the V, her spokesman said ‘he didn’t know.’ Of course not. Bay Area Elitist, two-faced carbon footprint anyone? Truly outrageous and insane, it’s no wonder Congress has a lower public perception than ambulance-chaser attorney types. Click below for incredible information on this, including emails from her office.


Some great quotes from the Queen, have a laugh!

2006 – “You must drain the swamp if you are going to govern for the people.”

1996 – “I pride myself in being called a liberal.”

2006 – “This leadership team (newly elected Democrat majority), will create the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history”


dugdan said…

Her Majesty typifies an all-too-common set of mind today- take whatever the government offers you, grab as much as you can. This is in evidence in corporate boardrooms, banks and bars, from the lofty elite to the self described down trodden.
Be different. Only let the government have what it extorts, and take nothing. That is as close as you can approach independence today

Tim Daniel said…

Indeed, well said

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