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by the Left Coast Rebel

It has finally come to a head, a fork in the road. Getting closer to the 1 year reign of the Obamanation, it looks like Congress is going to push Obamacare on us. They myriad details will remain a secret despite what you hear in the press, they will attempt to ram this thing through, public approval be damned, will of the people held to new heights of contempt and scorn.

Knowing that Americans in a large majority oppose Obamacare, when you hear pols like Arlen Specter praising the ‘public option’;

Think of this

This represents beautifully what the actual cost and net result of passage of Obamacare, from the man himself. Hat-tip to graphic-art goddess Carol at No Sheeples Here.

Regardless of the fact that passing Obamacare at this point may prove to be disastrous for the Democrats, they seem to be hell-bent on doing so. They may even go for the whole enchilada. This weeks seems to point to an inflection point.

Even the leader of the Progressive Caucus is running around now, proclaiming that House Dems have the votes for their version. Time to put on the activist-caps. RightKlik has the most definitive roundup I have seen on the Baucus plan as well. Hint: there is much more than meets the eye…..

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Video wizardry c/o No Sheeples Here

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Activists points – Just a Conservative Girl


Just a conservative girl said…

thanks for the link.

We need to show en masse again. This time when they are in session.

Andrew33 said…

I think it's good that people are catching on to the fact that when when the government names something, it accomplishes the opposite of it's name. Public Option is another example of government "mirror talk" as I call it. The so called public option takes options away from the public. Discussing taxing and jailing those who refuse to buy insurance doesn't sound like an option to me. So called triggers that will change your insurance to the public option automatically doesn't sound like an option to me. Public Option implies that the public will be able to choose it or have choices about their health care if they join it. Neither are true and folks are catching on quickly to that fact.
Let me say this here and make it clear: I will NEVER accept a public option healthcare plan. I will go to jail, or war first.

madmath1 said…

Is it just me, because I don't buy health insurance mainly because I don't need it, but I feel that BO is threatening with a gun to my head about taxing or putting ME in jail. I pay for the health care when I need it because it's more economically fiasable for me. Now I'm to pay more for something I don't use or need so some deadbeat can have it at will? I'm with Andrew, I will go to jail or war first. Let's see how the state saves money then since prisoners all get their for free at the taxpayer expense. The very argument they claim is why they're going to put me there in the first place.

Left Coast Rebel said…

@ Just a Conservative – I agree, tip me on what we need to do!

@ Andrew – Many feel the same my friend, that is why we have to stop this thing.

@ Madmath – Nope, you have no choice, it's jailtime for you. Welcome to the Obamanation.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said…

If this happens it will be the worst thing they ever did to-date. It will lead to their political deaths … or more.

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