Protest in Bell, California – I Hope I Played a Small Part in This…

by the Left Coast Rebel

…….because I surely support what these residents of Bell, California are doing with every fiber of my being. I wonder if my little Daily Caller canary in the coal mine-post put (even a little more) pressure on these miscreants in the city government that are/were fleecing the residents of Bell, California:

Glenn Reynolds catches the money-line from the Reason video, “They are robbing the city blind…We have a very predatory government.”

And although this is sure not a Tea Party gathering in Bell, California – I can tell you that the spirit of the Tea Party and that of freedom is there.

And thinking of this – God help us when the typical-Democrat constituencies wake up to the Obamanation and the abominations that he has forced upon our nation.

Will there be civic unrest? Or is the question – when?

Hat-tip Instapundit.

Updated: On a completely unrelated topic (or is it?), you surely saw today that the Feds blocked key provisions of the common sense Arizona law SB 1070. Go to Legal Insurrection to cut through the fog of minutiae and right to the chaste on this news.

William Jacobson is a scholar, a formidable intellect and a patriot, in the least.

Updated x2: GayPatriot weighs in too:

While at the gym earlier today doing cardio, I watched to see the various CNN anchors and reporter jubilant that Clinton appointee Judge Susan R. Bolton striking down the most “controversial” provisions in Arizona’s immigration law.

Given that poll after poll after poll has shown that a sizable majority of Americans support this law, this can only strengthen the hand of Republicans going into the fall elections, particularly given the Democratic Administration’s grandstanding opposition and successful suit.

Here, you have two issues, immigration and judicial overreach redounding to Republicans’ benefit.

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  1. This is why Freedom of the press is so important! To hold the Govt accountable! But instead we have a media that is agenda driven. The same ones that want to shut down Fox news, anonymous blogging, conservative radio and any other source of truth!
    So the MSM was "jubilant" about freedom being trampled on? Let's see how jubilant they are in November!


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