Principal at Bernice Young Elementary Not Apologizing – Says she Would do it Again

by the Left Coast Rebel

Nothing like doubling down as they say. Dr., (no pun intended) Denise King, principal of Bernice Young elementary is defending the school’s allowance of the Obama Praise song and has said that she would allow it again if she could.

It’s funny, when the original Obama worship song story broke I contacted someone close to me that is a teacher. We both discussed and agreed that this issue wasn’t as big of a deal if a rogue teacher was involved. Apparently that theory has gone the way of the Dodo……..

From Fox News

Three parents told that Dr. Denise King, principal
of B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, N.J., defended the controversial performance, which was videotaped and posted on YouTube, when they approached her during a “Back to School” event.

Parent Jim Angelillo said King told him the lesson was merely part of Black History month, and not an attempt to indoctrinate students, as critics have charged. He said he believes teachers have the freedom to express their political views, but not in the classroom.

King has long been a fan of Obama, hanging pictures of the
president in her school’s hallways and touting her trip to his inauguration in the school yearbook.

We live in unparalleled times. Read the rest here.


  1. If schools would just get back to teaching our children we might not have a country of half-cocked sheeple.

  2. @ Red – Isn't that the truth? I mean, the song and propaganda wouldn't be so bad if it were a rogue teacher but…..yah, I get it.

  3. @ Justaconsgirl – I guess it doesn't, it's just that I was holding out for the possibility of this being a rougue event, which it apparently isn't. That makes our work that much more urgent.

  4. August or September is not black history month. February is. How can you have back to school in February or black history month in september? Rubbish.

    "You cannot make a man by standing a sheep on its hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position you can make a crowd of men."
    Max Beerbohm

  5. Tonight Greta Van Susteren interviewed a local reporter who said the school is now claiming that all of the students were sent home with the 'lyrics' to this little 'skit' as they're now calling it, before the videotaped performance.

    We'll see how that pans out, for surely if that's untrue more than one parent will step forward and discredit that statement.

  6. Would you let your kid participate in such non-sense? I won't. If they had advance notice, you'd think someone would have been upset about it. Then again, if where they life is very liberal, may be not. Even so, I wouldn't let my kids sing praises to george bush. Why more people don't find this creepy, I don't know.

  7. Used to be a time when we honored individuals after they died so that their deeds could be fully judged as deserving of honor. now days it seems that only being a symbol of something is enough to be honored.

    i would say it apppears that the idea of what it means to be an individual has lost its way in this country. i hope that I am wrong though because individualism as opposed to collectivism was this country's greatest identity. It was also the foundation of its greatest strength.

  8. I was taught that three were things you keep out of conversations: politics, religion, and sex. People have wildly different views about these topics. So unless these kids were in a political science class(which they weren't) or it was indeed black history month, I think it was irresponsible for the teacher to wear her political colors on her sleeves, epecially with young children. As a teacher I find this behavior unacceptable.

  9. I'm sure this "principal" is against school choice as the trouble kids wouldn't get an education is one of her arguments. Never mind they're not getting educated as it is and now we find out they're pushing this rubbish. I suppose she amires Che, Mao, and Castro as well. Seems we need a huge push for home schooling and charter schools so these lunatics will have competition against their insane indoctrination as well as bust up the power that the teacher's union that gives the liberals such power to push such brainwashing. I shutter to think of some fool didn't think it would be a good idea to record it and put it on youtube for everyone to see. As an ex teacher, I'm not surprised about this, as a parent, I'm delighted and will fight to the death for home schooling and charter school because without them, our children have no choices and are doomed to the indoctrination.

    I will also note that this pricipal is a hyprocrite since she doesn't believe in political views in the classroom but will plaster her's it all over the school like there's a difference.

  10. Look forward to seeing what this principal allows for Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. If the parents of this school feel strongly, they need to rise up and boot the principal into Joe Biden's unemployment line.

  11. @ RIghtguy – I guess the 'black history month' defense is about as accurate as the race card then.

    @ Soloman – I'll check that out.

    @ Griper – Individualism is the US, or at least is what made us great and unique. I am thrilled to see you back my friend!

    @ The Law – You are correct, basic common sense.

    @ Madmath – I'm sure she does, I want to see more like this and wake up America. How often does this happen and we know nothing of it?

    @ Writer X – Wow, me too.

  12. @LCR
    I am surprised no one called her on it, but may be they were afraid of the race card.

  13. I still say, the only way out of this, is parents take their precious children out of the public school indoctrination system. Extra bonus: when a child leaves the system, the school loses funding for that kid. Money talks, BS walks.

  14. @Sparky:
    YEah, but we still have to pay school taxes. If we could have a more competitive system where you could totally opt out, it might work.

  15. I went ahead & wrote my own song for the little buggers to sing….tongue in cheek and sarcastic as all get out, but funny nonetheless.

  16. If it was truly for Black History Month, why isn't it about many prominent blacks who have made a difference instead of just one?

    And did you hear – they found another video of kids singing ANOTHER Obama praise song today (and different school, I think). It might end up like the ACORN videos – one popping up after another.

  17. Like Frederick Douglass…Oh yeah, he was a republican.


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