President Pee Wee

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One of these men is riding a man’s bike, without a helmet and one is POTUS

It just struck me today, as I was listening to one of the “talking head” programs, where a clip was played of Obama giving advice to Hosni Mubarak, telling him what he should do and what he needs to do.

“He has a responsibility to give meaning to those words…”
The successor to George Bush of “No child Left Behind” fame, is personally known for “No Campaign Promise Left Unbroken”. This neophyte politician who barely had time to get his feet wet in either the Illinois state or national Senate, before presiding over two mediocre to miserable years as president, is telling former career Air Force officer and commander Hosni Mubarak, president of Egypt for thirty years, what he ought to do and not do. And as I heard Obama’s hollow words (“Just words” as one might say.), I was thinking, “This guy has as much moral authority to tell Mubarak what he should be doing as Pee Wee Herman has to…” And before I could finish that thought, it struck me how Pee Wee Herman like our current president is! Look at the two pictures above. Which one looks more manly? I daresay, the one on the left, (though it is quite a trick to get to the Left of President Obama)!

One of the things Obama called for was “meaningful dialogue” between the government and its citizens. I think the president is old enough to remember the Watts Riots. Mr. President, when people are rioting in the streets, is the first order of business to establish “meaningful dialogue” with the rioters or to stop the violence and restore order?

Obama, who spoke out of both sides of his mouth in his SOTU, talking about “freezing” spending while simultaneously “investing” in America and BTW, spending billions on high speed rail projects is hardly one to tell anyone else about giving meaning to his words. Someone should tell Obama he has a responsibility to give meaning to those words, and not just half of them.

Pee Wee may actually have more moral authority than POTUS. Although I did not see the movie, I understand at least Pee Wee had enough spine to get his bicycle back!

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  1. Seems to me the best advise Obama could give him is how to destroy a nation. But they're not having a problem with that are they pee wee?
    Obama and Pee wee… two peas from the same pod.


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