President Obama Finally Takes Responsibility For the Abysmal State of the American Economy

By Proof

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I know! I wouldn’t believe a headline like that either! Here’s what the lying weasel* President actually said:

But although the economy has been growing, and we’ve been adding new jobs, the truth of the matter is, is that the financial crisis was so devastating that there’s still a lot of people who are struggling, and in fact if we don’t provide unemployment insurance, it makes it harder for them to find a job.
Barack Obama

Aside from the fact that extended unemployment makes it easier for some people to avoid looking for a job, consider: “the financial crisis was so devastating…” Which financial crisis was that, Mr. President? Back in 2010, according to you, the Bush recession came to an end in 2009.
(Reuters)The recession ended in June 2009, making it the longest downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the National Bureau of Economic Research said on Monday.

The NBER, considered the arbiter of U.S. recessions, said its declaration did not mean the economy had “returned to operating at normal capacity” and cautioned that economic activity sometimes remains below normal well into expansion.

President Barack Obama, under pressure to speed up the pace of recovery and drive down unemployment as November congressional elections near, said the official end of the recession did not change the grim reality for many people.
So, the Bush recession “officially ended” in June 2009, then the financial crisis you refer to, which is so devastating, must be the “Obama Recovery”, right?

You keep trying to imply, after five years with your hands on the levers of power, the first two with Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate, and trillions of dollars of spending, that somehow you aren’t responsible for the worst recovery in the history of the Republic, still bitterly clinging to “some other dude did it”.

Your signature accomplishment is the healthcare debacle that you had to sell with some of the biggest lies ever told. You continue to campaign, as if you were still running against an imaginary incumbent, but there’s more to being president than campaign stops, hobnobbing with celebrities, playing golf, and selfies with blonde PM’s. You’ve treated your entire tenure as president as one long vacation. Governing is hard work, but you asked for the job. Astound your enemies, Mr. President. Make the headline come true.

Update*: It was admittedly not the correct choice of words. The original was little weasel. Given the president’s stature, we regret the error. -Editor

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