Poll finds Democrats, not Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, the cause of health care threats and violence

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

It would be an interesting academic discussion, if the results were not so devastating, but Obama and the democratic leadership are so out of the mainstream that their strategy is more about creating a perception in law-maker’s minds than the American mind.  It is about convincing the congressional Democrat majority that people favor Obama’s policies than convincing the public.  

Take a look at any news article articulating Obama’s so called “momentum.”  Where is that momentum in the polls?  Do you call Obama’s toxic polling momentum?  Do you call the fact that a majority of people still dislike his health care bill momentum?  

Not only is there no momentum, but the same tactics behind creating faux-Obamamentum are the same tactics that are increasing the public’s distaste for the majority party.  Let’s take a look at the big Democrat blitz to demonize the Tea Party movement.  Surely, such a large and ardent undertaking would show up in the polls.

A USA Today poll found that:

And when asked about incidents of vandalism and threats that followed the bill’s passage, Americans are more inclined to blame Democratic political tactics than critics’ harsh rhetoric. Forty-nine percent say Democratic tactics are "a major reason" for the incidents, while 46% blame criticism by conservative commentators and 43% the criticism of Republican leaders.

That is right leftwing PJ bloggers.  Please keep pretending that all of this outrage is from the magical, mystical, anonymous cabal of “violent right.”  The people will blame the Democrat Party for it.  

However, I doubt that swaying the public is the intention.  Obama has achieved passage of his unpopular health care bill.  There are countless other unpopular things the President intends to pass and it’s not going to get done by looking for public support.  The only way he is going to get it done is by duping his own party members.  The only thing faux-Obamamentum is good for is passing bills America doesn’t want.

They are already admitting defeat at TPM

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