Peter Schiff for Senate: Ralph Nader Vs Chris Dodd?

by the Left Coast Rebel

First off, Peter Schiff was right. That’s it. He called the economic calamity that we are still in the midst of. Please watch this video. Note just how badly most of the pontificators call it. Note how Peter Schiff calls it right, spot-on; 2006 and on. We need minds like this in the United States Senate:

Full disclosure: I am gunning for Peter Schiff for Senate in the state of Connecticut in 2010. The purpose of this post today, frankly the excuse for writing it; is that news just broke that Connecticut’s Senator Chris Dodd may be facing an interesting challenge/challenger.

Ralph Nader.

Yes, Nader is testing the waters for a possible run in the primary against Dodd. How about this?

Peter Schiff vs. Ralph Nader 2010. Now that would be interesting.

Did anyone here read Nader’s recent book?

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Chris W said…

As it sits right now Schiff is distant 4th in the Republican polls (11/12 Quinnipiac poll), so unless he makes a big jump in the next 9 months, there is nothing to get excited about.

That is until Linda McMahon is exposed for the RINO she really is.

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