Paul Ryan – The Man?

I know a little about Paul Ryan having seen him on C-span and other conservative media outlets.For those who don’t know he’s a 39 year old Republican congressman from Wisconsin and has been in the House for 10 year or so. He’s a ranking member of the budget committee as well. The more that I hear about him and from him, the more that I like him. This is one of the faces of the GOP that could take the country away from the socialist tailspin that we are in. He seems to have a clean and youthful disposition – just what we need. Could he be a candidate in 2012, at least a VIP? Mr. Ryan unveiled the GOP budget to contrast the Obamanation’s, the best detail here in my opinion being a plan for a 10 percent rate on the first $100,000 of a couple’s income, with a 25 percent rate thereafter, here are some other details of the Repub budget –

  • Rescinds the newly passed economic stimulus package in 2010, except for unemployment insurance for those who have already lost their job.

  • Repeals the latest budget and continues a freeze in non-defense, non-veteran spending.
    Converts Medicaid into an allotment to states. Reforms Social Security and Medicare, including “means testing” for drug prescription benefits.

  • Simplifies the tax code. Taxpayers would have a choice of keeping the current system (details on what I outlined above), or choosing one that would tax couples making $100,000 (or individuals making $50,000) at a10 percent rate and taxing those above at 25 percent. The plan would include what Ryan called “generous” personal and standard deductions.

  • Cuts the corporate tax rate to 25 percent as a job-creating measure.
  • Increases offshore oil drilling.

  • Places a moratorium on all earmarks.

Paul Ryan, can you lead the GOP and keep the Obamanation and the Democrat Party from bankrupting this great nation?


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